Jody David Parker, Chief Financial Officer

Jody drives to make all endeavors succeed, his education in Engineering and an MBA coupled with his expertise and extensive background in the oil and gas industry ensures safe operations and maximizing the value of assets and investments. 

With over 20 years of broad leadership experience in North America and Globally along with his experience in small business, he consistently delivers exceptional results. As an expert in production, project management, operations and cost management he enjoys facing the unique challenges and opportunities of pursuing new technologies – an undertaking where improving efficiency and reducing costs can be especially critical. 

Jody along with his partner, Chelsea Parker, own Voyage West Consulting Ltd. focusing on Business Performance and Planning. Voyage West Consulting and LITEBUILT™ Cellular Concrete combined forces in 2016 with the creation of a business plan and establishment of an Alberta licence for manufacturing.

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Dwanye Ewanchuk, Business Development Manager

Dwayne Ewanchuk has over 30 years of leadership experience in diverse industries including housing, agriculture, manufacturing, restaurants and startups. Dwayne’s passion lies in working with clients and partners to assist them in reaching their business aspirations.

He believes that continuing education plays a huge role in today’s business environment. To this end, and in order to enhance his previous business experience, he recently attained a Certificate in Professional Management specializing in Risk Management from the University of Calgary. 

Dwayne’s experience allows him to understand all clients and assist as they build a plan to improve their position in the market place.

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Matthew Ewanchuk, Operations Manager

As an innovative concrete design, appearance and product manufacturer, Matthew’s knowledge is steeped in the nuances of concrete operations. 

He is known for his ability to solve difficult product design and production challenges under tight timeframes. His broad experience, including new technology, construction, project management, public and governmental environmental communication, crew supervision, purchasing and logistics, coupled with his education in Land Reclamation and Land Agent has prepared him to assist any client on any project.

Matthew is passionate about continuously looking for ways to improve manufacturing and project processes.  

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Chelsea Parker, Marketing and HR Specialist

Chelsea is a dedicated advocate for non-profit volunteering and small business. Her passion was influenced at a young age through her family’s small businesses. After earning honors from Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, Chelsea touched numerous organizations around the globe. These include the Carstairs’ Splash Park, Yorkshire Academy, Lighthouse Orphanage - Malaysia, Mont Kiara International School - Malaysia, Lions Club - Carstairs and Community Chest - Carstairs.

Having held Board positions with children’s sports and non-profits she enjoys working with people toward a common good. Utilizing her influence, coaching, planning and technical abilities, she brings a sense of people before profit to the team. She is currently working toward a Certification in Human Resources to augment her planning and technical skills.

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